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Transmission Line

Transmission line construction is a combination of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering.

In planning, design, construction and operation of a transmission line, a good knowledge of the rules and procedures, combined with real-life experience is utmost essential. This requires professionally skilled engineers and technicians in addition to appropriate and reliable equipment.

Our employees/promoters were involved for the construction of more than 300 km of 33 to 132 kV transmission lines.

We have experience of using a wide range of equipment for transmission line construction.

Our employees/promoters were involved in the construction of:

  • More than 60 km of 132 kV transmission lines (for projects including Modi, Jhimruk, etc).
  • More than 20 km of 66 kV transmission line (for Andhikhola project).
  • More than 225 km of 33 kV transmission lines (for projects including Jhimruk, Andhikhola, Khimti, etc).
  • Various 11 kV and 400 V distribution lines.