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Ropeway/Cable Car

Ropeways/cable cars are appropriate technology to transport goods and passengers to areas where road construction is not feasible or environmentally not desirable.

Our employees/promoters who started with the Andhikhola ropeway in 1984 for transporting construction materials for the project, were involved for the construction of various ropeways of various lengths and carrying capacity for goods and passengers. Our employees/promoters were involved in the design and conduction of the feasibility study of more than half a dozen ropeways in remote areas, including one in the remotest part of Nepal the Karnali zone. We are fully capable of executing tasks from planning to construction and operation of ropeways. Our employees/promoters were involved in the construction of:

  • Manakamana cable car project, 3 km.
  • Khimti Material/Passenger Ropeway 2.2 km 3T carrying capacity
  • Jhimruk Material Ropeway1.8 km
  • Andhikhola Material Ropeway
  • Gorkha, Barpak Material Ropeway 2.5 km

Our employees /promoters were involved for feasibility study and the design for:

  • Manma, Karnali ropeway
  • Bhattedanda ropeway
  • Simpani garbage ropeway
  • Melamchi passenger/material ropeway
  • Dailekh material ropeway
  • Phewa cable car, Pokhara
  • Mailun material ropeway