Your partner for civil construction works for Hydro, Tunnel, Undergrounds and Infrastructure projects

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To be the leader of Hydro Power Construction Industry of Nepal


To realise the vision

  • Using indigenous and appropriate resources.
  • Engaging in construction and related activities.
  • Motivating management through ownership of company.

Strategic Objectives

  • To realize execution of hydropower, tunnels, transmission lines, roads, buildings, water & wastewater management, irrigation, and other infrastructure works as our core business.
  • To execute survey & design business.
  • To operate an equipment maintenance business.
  • To operate construction related production and services business.
  • To develop hydropower projects.


Our objectives are to provide top quality professional engineering service for construction and related activities to a balanced mix of public and private clients. We are committed to high standards of service, staff development, ethical practice and reasonable profit. Our clients will seek us for our reputation as a truly integrated engineering construction firm whose ability to collaborate extends beyond our own walls to embrace our clients, the entire project team and the surrounding community. High Himalaya Hydro Construction Pvt. Ltd. (3HC) aims to be the nation’s leading company particularly in Hydropower Construction Industry.
3HC will be recognized for construction excellence, systems integration and commitment to sustainability. Our construction will advance the concept of the unity of people, materials and environment which functions as a greater whole. We seek to add value through innovation and creativity, aligning ourselves with our clients’ goals, delivering services that meet their quality, schedules and cost objectives. At its ultimate stage, 3HC aims to become one of the leaders in hydropower and infrastructure construction field in our country at present and eventually one of the largest construction company in the world. To fulfil this goal 3HC plan to stimulate some of the short and long term objectives as follows:

  • To work with investors, contractors and commercial sectors jointly on Hydro and Infrastructure Construction Projects including Transmission Line Construction.
  • To work jointly with other market leaders for shared benefits particularly in construction industry.
  • To provide consultancy services to the private/ commercial power producers.
  • To explore foreign companies to work together who have technical potential and interest in the construction of mega size projects.
  • To procure various kinds of construction equipment and other machineries (like earth moving, concrete production and placing and other general construction equipment for hydropower and infrastructure work like dam, powerhouse, tunnelling, road etc.) from local/ international market and use them in projects.
  • To become a premier construction company of the country.
  • To develop a sustainable construction business with reasonable profit.
  • To prepare, develop, cater and incorporate technical expertise in hydro and infrastructure.
  • To introduce new technical and design software in the relevant area to minimize lead time of construction process, to gain accurate and reliable construction technique and confirm on quality assurance of the project that 3HC will execute.
  • To develop facility for the fabrication and supports of Hydro Power Projects and other Infrastructures.