Your partner for civil construction works for Hydro, Tunnel, Undergrounds and Infrastructure projects

Message from the Chairman

High Himalaya Hydro Construction Pvt. Ltd. (3HC) is established to meet the Nepal’s construction demand in Hydropower and Infrastructure. It has been formed as a multi-dimensional construction company, which aims to provide a complete solution for construction of Hydro and Infrastructure projects.

At present the Company has been mainly involved and focused in the construction of Hydropower Projects. However, it will also assist to conduct feasibility study of the conceptualized project, provide design and consultancy services, supervision and monitoring of the project to its completion. State–of–art analysis and design tools will be an integral part of business plan. Implementation of quality control and assurance program will provide focus for clean completion of the project.

3HC is established with focused construction objective of civil works on Hydropower Projects of all sizes in Nepal. There are very limited numbers of experienced construction companies, where as there is huge potential & opportunity for construction in Hydro Sector. Government has declared a policy to build 25,000 MW Hydro plants in 20 years. So, Construction Industry could grow & provide opportunity for employment to professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower of Nepal. Nepal is not able to retain professional & highly skilled manpower in the country despite huge opportunity to plan, develop & construct hydro projects. Every citizen knows country’s economic development could grow up dramatically once Hydro materialises in reality. This fact justified the establishment of 3HC to support the vision of Nepal’s Hydro Sector to develop 25,000 MW within 20 years.

I am sure that 3HC shall be able to contribute significantly in nation building through construction of Hydro Power Projects with indigenous resources. I believe that the development & growth of the company will be able to give employment opportunity to highly qualified personnel at home itself. The majority of shares of company is owned by staffs/employees itself who are in the Board & Management of the company. So, I am confident that the structure of the company is best suited to motivate its resources like manpower, machineries etc. 3HC has set up the record of country with procuring civil construction contract of Tadi Khola Hydroelectric Projects (5 MW), Tunnels & underground structures of Siprin Khola Hydroelectric Project (10 MW) and rehabilitation/repairs of Khudi Hydroelectric Project (4 MW) within 2 months of its establishment.

3HC has completed underground works of Siprin Khola Hydroelectric Project (10 MW), all civil works of Tadi Khola Hydropower Project (5 MW), civil works of Mailun Khola Hydropower Project (6 MW), tunnel excavation of Upper Mai Hydroelectric Project (10 MW), all civil works of Upper Hugdi Small Hydropower Project (5 MW), test adit tunnel excavation of Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project (600 MW), test adit tunnel excavation of Tanahu Hydropower Project (140 MW) and repair works of Khudi Hydropower Project (for 4 years), repair works of Indrawati III Hydroelectric Project and repair works of Chaku Hydropower Project and repair works at Headworks of Khimti I Hydropower Plant (60 MW).

Currently we are executing all civil works of Hewa Khola A Hydro Electric Project (15 MW), all civil works of Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (7 MW), underground works of Upper Mai ‘C’ Hydroelectric Project (6 MW), all civil works of Midim Khola (Karapu) Hydropower Project (3 MW). Recently we have signed contract agreement with Robust Energy Private Ltd. for the construction of all civil works of Mistri Khola Hydroelectric Project (42 MW) in Myagdi District.

We plan to complete small to middle size of hydro power construction contracts ourself and big projects in different model depending upon the complexity and size of construction work in each project.

The company has established a workshop for repair and maintenance of heavy equipment. In addition, the company provides fabrication services such as steel ribs, roof trusses, bridge components, rock-bolts including structural elements etc.

We assure you, we are committed for safety, quality, and to meet the schedule of projects we undertake. We are open to be your partner as JV team as well.

I wish High Himalaya Hydro Construction Pvt. Ltd. (3HC) will be your partner in Hydro projects.

Kiran Malla